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Keratoconus  is a bilateral,  non inflammatory degeneration, axial ectatic condition of cornea. ie. cornea has a irregular  conical shape. This causes progressive  decrease in quality & quantity of vision. Exact cause is not clear.

Genetic factors in less than 10% cases.

Environmental factors increasingly suspected UV light, allergies, mechanical eye rubbing & poorly fitted contact lenses.

Keratoconus may be associated with other eye conditions and systemic disorders.

Ocular associations      Systemic disorders

Vernal disease                     Down’s syndrome

Retinitis pigmentosa          Turner’s syndrome

Blue sclera                             Marfan’s syndrome

Aniridia                                 Prolapsed mitral valve

Ectopia lentis                       Osteogenesis imperfecta


Keratoconus may remain subclinical  or completely uninvolved in the fellow eye in only 6% of cases.

LASIK should not be done in these cases.

Keratoconus can be managed with collagen cross linking. In advanced cases corneal grafting is the only alternative.


Attention Contact Lens Users: Risky Behaviour Patterns

  • Sleeping overnight with contact lens on.
  • Napping with contact lenses
  • Topping up the disinfectant solution in the case.
  • Extending the recommended replacement frequency of contact lens or cases.
  • Showering with lenses on.
  • Swimming with lenses on.
  • Rinsing contact lens in tap water.
  • Storing contact lenses in tap water.
  • Ignoring treatment of eyelid diseases.