Cataract Surgery in Kochi

  • About Cataract:

    Normally, the eye’s natural lens is transparent and allows light to focus on the retina. When this lens becomes opaque, it results in cataract. Cataract is the main reason of blindness among old people. In fact, 1 in 3 persons develop Cataract by the age of 75.

    Although Cataract is found mostly among the old, it can occur in children and young adults as a result of:

    • Injury to eye
    • Excess exposure to UV light
    • Side effect of medicines e.g. Steroids
    • Uncontrolled Diabetes.
  • Effect of Cataract

    Persons with cataract experience difficulty in performing their day-to-day activities even when wearing glasses, for example:

    • Clouded, foggy or dim vision
    • Colours appear faded, poor colour discrimination
    • Halos around lights
    • Polyopia: seeing many images of one object
    • Glare disability especially for night driving
  • Remedy

    Surgery is the only permanent and effective treatment for cataract

  • Cataract Services at RECH
    • Infiniti Vision System with OZIL Hand piece to do MICP (Micro Incision Coaxial Phacosurgery)
    • Zero Infection rate
    • 90% patients NEVER require glasses after refractive surgery with ReSTOR IOLs
    • Caring, meticulous staff
  • Community Service
    • RECH firmly believes that we all grow in the shade of each other. We provide free treatment, with the same facilities as private (paying) cases, for the poor
    • Free medicines and glasses are provided to the poor (philanthropic organizations, pharmaceutical companies etc.)
    • RECH spends for all free surgeries
    • Accounts are audited and handled by an independent voluntary body (hospital doesn’t handle funds for free medicines and spectacles)