About Us


"The need of the patient is the only consideration" - William Mayo


“Patients First!”- we stand for ethics over expediency,

results over marketing,

surgical excellence over machine inventory.

Patient satisfaction more than profit.


Out Patient Facilities

  • Comprehensive eye check up
  • Exercises for Phoria and Ambloyopia treatment
  • Screening for diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy/Screening of new borns
  • Contact lens services
  • Glaucoma services

For Cataract Patients

  • Pre-operation IOL Power is calculated with A-Scan and Keratometry
  • Specular microscopy is done for every case to calculate cell count of cornea and to assess risk of surgery.
  • Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP) is checked in all cases.
  • All patients are made medically fit before surgery.

For Glaucoma Patients

  • Intra ocular pressure measurement with non-contact Tonometer is done to avoid risk of trauma to cornea and the spreading of infectious diseases like Conjunctivitis and Hepatitis by touch
  • Measurement of central corneal thickness
  • Computerised Autoperimetry to measure field of vision.
  • Field defects are followed up by repeated tests done every 6 months to watch for deterioration, if any
  • Regularly calibrated instruments ensure accuracy of the results in the O.P

For International Patients

Surgeries at RECH are planned in tandem with reputed medical tourism agencies and doctors in the tourist’s home country

  • Seamlessly coordinated appointment so that your sight seeing & vacation itinerary is not affected.
  • Fitness for surgery confirmed before appointments and travel plans.
  • Airport transfers, local transport, sightseeing and translators can be arranged by tourism professionals.
  • Food to suit your dietary requirements during the hospital stay
  • Locker facility

Our Strengths

  • Affordable, precise care
  • 80% of hospital personnel organically grown
  • 88% Women employees
  • Zero staff attrition
  • Zero infection rate after cataract surgery
  • 99.90% Surgical Success rate


About Dr. Roshan



“Driving team synergy is Dr Roshan”


  • Dr. Roshan has implanted ReSTOR IOLs with remarkable success rates in Kerala, till date
  • She received the ‘Woman of the year’ 2005, in Cochin
  • She was awarded the “Best Social Worker in Kerala” by Care and Share, USA in 2001
  • Dr. Roshan has consulted more than 150000 patients through RECH over last 15 years
  • Her surgical success rate with premium IOLs is 99.90%